Steel or other such metal construction has been used for years as they are efficient and are a sturdy option for exterior and interior doors alike. These doors can be either be solid or hollow.

It has been found to be a good substitute for wood and is being used extensively for making frames. The frames can be made out of angles, Tee, channels or pressed steel plates. Holdfasts and hinges are normally welded to the frame in case of steel frames.

Normal shutters made out of wood etc can be fixed on these steel frames.

Steel frames are quite popular and are being used extensively for houses and other locations as they are economical than the conventional wooden frames.

Shutters can also be made out of Mild Steel (MS) sheets, welded or riveted to a frame of angle iron or channel section, properly braced.

Steel doors can also be made in high quality in cold rolled mild steel, precision engineered. They are long lasting requiring minimum maintenance. They are available in beautiful shades with various wood grain texturing.

These can invariably be used where security is of a greater concern.

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